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Starting a company

"ALFA-BP" is a family business founded in 1996.
In the first phase of the company's development, we dealt with business in the field of foreign trade. We contracted the sowing of popcorn corn at several locations in Vojvodina and exported it to customers in Scandinavia. In addition to popcorn, we also delivered larger quantities of different types of dried vegetables.
At the same time, we were representatives for Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia of several foreign companies that produced equipment and raw materials for the food industry. Through this business, we got to know almost the entire food industry in our country, which will result in the desire to expand our business and further development.
In 2000, the second phase of the development of our company begins. In cooperation with foreign partners, we opened a plant for the production of dehydrated soups under the name TONNY. Our goal was to offer customers products made from selected domestic raw materials, with a lower salt content to make each individual taste even more pronounced, all with the idea that our consumers get a healthier and higher quality product.
The third phase began in 2006, when the production of pasta started. That year, we installed the latest generation of pasta production equipment. We make pasta from wheat semolina from the best mills in Vojvodina and we keep the high quality of our products, and the best indicator that we are on the right path is the sale of pasta, which is constantly growing.
Like all reputable pasta producers, recognizing the need for quality control, health and ensuring the constant quality of our products in 2011 we received the HACCP system certificate.
Our goal will always be to offer consumers healthy, high quality and safe food at affordable prices.
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Let your food be your remedy, yet your remedy be your food.

Mirko Kovačić


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Why eat pasta?

There are many reasons why pasta is the best choice:

• Prepares quickly
• It can be prepared in combination with a variety of other foods
• It is an integral part of the healthy eating pyramid
• It is a nutritionally valuable food
• Has a low glycemic index
• Easy to digest
• Has a small amount of fat
• It is rich in protein
• It can be prepared in countless ways: as a standalone dish, side dish, salad….

Pasta is a food with a low glycemic index (GI is below 50). The glycemic index reflects the speed of digestion and absorption of foods that are rich in carbohydrates. The value of GI is between 0 and 100. According to it, foods are classified according to how consuming a certain food affects the raising of blood sugar in comparison with the reference food, which is glucose with GI = 100. A higher GI means a higher rise in blood sugar.

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